There are 3 membership plans.  Every member must register for the one plan relevant to them.

Plan 1 - Annual KAT Membership Dues 5780 (Non-Discounted) - 1800 NIS per family

Plan 2 - Discounted Membership Dues 5780 for KAT Building Fund payers (either completed or ongoing) - 1250 NIS per family

Plan 3 - Olim Hadashim in 5779 / Moved to RBS A in 5779 / Under 25 years of age - Free of charge

NOTE: After selecting a membership plan, please click on 'Buy Seats for Yamim Noraim' to buy seats

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KAT Membership Plans

Plan 1

Annual Cost:

1800 NIS

Plan 3

Annual Cost:


Plan 2

Annual Cost:

1250 NIS

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